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Why Should There Be A Gap When Installing Wood Plastic Flooring

As in the question,why should there be a gap when installing wood plastic flooring? Many owners do not particularly understand this. In view of this situation, the author intends to discuss with you the reasons for this. If you have some other ideas, you may wish to communicate with us.

Reasons for gaps in wood plastic floor

1. Drain

Wood plastic composite board is a kind of wood cellulose, bamboo cellulose, etc. as the basic material, thermoplastic polymer materials (PE, PP and other plastics) and processing aids. After being uniformly mixed, it is heated and extruded by the mold equipment. The green and environmentally friendly materials made have both the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic, have a similar wooden appearance, are fire-resistant, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, high-strength, and energy-saving. New environmentally friendly materials that can replace wood and plastic It can be used for garden landscape, interior and exterior wall decoration, flooring, barriers, flower ponds, pavilions, etc.When the plastic wood floor is used outdoors, the installed plastic wood floor is required to have better waterproof and drainage performance to cope with the complex outdoor environment and improve the use effect and service life of the floor.

2. Slight thermal expansion and contraction

Wood plastic flooring is vital. In case of excessive temperature difference between morning and evening or winter and summer, the wood plastic flooring will slightly expand and contract; the expansion joints reserved during installation are space for the plastic wood flooring to move to avoid excessive temperature differences. When the plastic wood floor is deformed and arched.

3. Easy to clean

Above are why should there be a gap when installing wood plastic flooring.The size of the wood plastic floor gap is also very important.On the one hand, leaving too large a gap may cause some people to stumble when walking on the wood plastic floor. If there is too much air, it will also reduce the fire resistance of the wood plastic floor,on the other hand,If wood plastic floors don't have much room for expansion (they will eventually expand), they will friction and damage each other. In the worst case, the decorative board may warp due to the pressure of expansion.In addition, wood plastic floors that are too close to each other will not drain as quickly as wood plastic floors with sufficient spacing. When cleaning wood plastic floors, dirt, pollen and debris will also get stuck in the narrow spaces of the floor. It will not only promote the growth of mold and mildew, but also cause the decorative board to warp.

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is important to leave gaps between wood plastic floors. It may damage your wood plastic floors or preserve its life. By leaving space between the boards, you can improve the airflow, durability, ease of maintenance and safety of the wood plastic floor.

Finally, when you install wood plastic flooring, you may need to consult the wood-panel manufacturer. They can provide you with a clear and concise description of the construction process, including how many gaps you must place between wood plastic floors.

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