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The Characteristics Of Different Types Of Flooring

According to the structure and materials to sub floor , the floor is generally divided into : solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring , laminate flooring , cork flooring, bamboo flooring and PVC wood flooring.What are the characteristics of these different types of flooring,these floor classification, the most popular kind of flooring materials , the highest price it?

Solid wood flooring : wood flooring is natural wood as material, from the surface in the end is the same species from the processing floor. Because of its natural materials , always keep its natural color, no pollution , easy cleaning , is truly green building materials. Its structure can be divided into flat floors , tongue and groove flooring , finger joint wood floors, integrated finger-jointed wood flooring.

Wood flooring : wood parquet flooring replacement part . It is the high-quality wood cutting board sliced into the surface , core and monolithic floor , then according to the principles of mechanics of materials of different varieties in accordance with the three monolithic vertical, horizontal , vertical three-dimensional arrangement method , glued together , and in pressed into boards at elevated temperatures , which makes the timber is controlled to change the exclusive . Can be divided into three solid wood flooring , engineered wood flooring , joinery, flooring three categories, more use of three- bedroom decoration in wood flooring.

There are solid wood parquet flooring and beautiful natural , comfortable, good insulation properties forte ; they overcome the solid wood flooring due to monomer shrinkage cracks less easily warped. Installation is simple and , in general, do not hit the keel , very popular with consumers.

Laminate flooring : laminate flooring because they are inexpensive , easy care , etc. have accounted for the vast majority of market share in the floor . Its structure is generally divided into four layers : the surface for the wear-resistant layer , is the surface of paper containing aluminum oxide and other wear-resistant material ; a second layer of decorative layer , is made of a computer simulation of the printing paper ; third layer is wood-based panels substrates , the use of high -density fiberboard (HDF), medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard special quality patterns ; fourth layer is the bottom, is moisture -balancing layer , generally using a certain intensity of thick paper in melamine or phenolic resin impregnated , can block moisture and water from the ground to protect from moisture affect the ground floor , and further strengthen the underlying moisture and balance function.

Bamboo flooring : Bamboo flooring is a natural quality bamboo as material, through two dozen procedures , stripped bamboo juice , high temperature and pressure to fight the pressure , and then through three layers of paint , and finally made infrared drying . Bamboo flooring can be divided according to their processing qualities carbonized bamboo flooring and bamboo flooring. Qualities of bamboo flooring bamboo maintain the original color , but bamboo carbonized bamboo flooring carbonized to go through high temperature and pressure , so bamboo 's color deepened, and bamboo color uniform.

Cork flooring : cork flooring is actually not processed into wood floor , but in oak ( oak ) bark as material, crushing, pressing at the plate , and then processed by mechanical equipment. Cork flooring is known as a " floor of the pyramid of consumption ." It has its special application of occasions , such as hotels, libraries, hospitals , nurseries , computer rooms , studios , conference rooms , training room and the elderly and families with children occasions.

PVC wood flooring : The main ingredient is discarded plastic sheet corner wood flour, wood and wood residue , with good rigidity and toughness, can nail , drilling, grinding , sawing , planing, paint, and not easily deformed , anti-cracking , it is furniture, interior decoration industry, packaging industry , travel industry and the future of interior wooden houses construction preferred green sheet, plate market is bound to set off in a new revolution.

We have all learned about the characteristics of different types of flooring.In the current decoration market, PVC wood flooring is very popular among people. It is not only fireproof, waterproof, insect-proof, wear-resistant, but also environmentally friendly.It is the best choice for people to choose the floor.

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