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The advantages of plastic wood composites in the field of furniture manufacturing

The toughness and strength of the material will directly affect the quality of the furniture. With the improvement of the formula, the impact performance and bending performance of the plastic wood composite material have been significantly improved. The plastic wood composite material made of glass fiber and sisal fiber has better mechanical properties than traditional materials. Of course, the performance of plastic wood composites will also be affected by the types of plastics and fillers. Different material formulations will cause major differences in performance, which need to be arranged according to specific application requirements. Furniture is an indispensable product in people’s lives. It must have both good surface properties and beautiful appearance. Therefore, the surface properties of plastic wood composite materials will affect the manufacturing grade of furniture and directly reflect the market price. The surface performance of plastic wood composite furniture is mainly determined by color, gloss, texture, touch, and texture. Through molding and extrusion processing, ideal surface performance can be created.

Different from daily necessities, clothing and food, furniture is used by people for a long time and the replacement rhythm is slow. Therefore, people have very high requirements for the durability and corrosion resistance of furniture. Plastic wood composite materials have high-quality anti-moth, anti-corrosion, anti-dry cracking, flame-retardant, and waterproof properties. Researchers are conducting research on the wear resistance, thermal stability, and creep properties of the material and have achieved preliminary results.

For bathroom, dining room, kitchen furniture, it must not only be beautiful, but also have antibacterial function. Plastic wood composites have good antibacterial propertie. In recent years, research on antibacterial issues of plastic wood composites has been beginning from broad-spectrum antibacterial to anti-pathogenic bacteria stage. In recent years, wood plastic composite furniture has begun to develop in more fields, and gradually reflects the artistic style of wood plastic composite materials. The designer found through research that simple, moderately priced, safe and comfortable furniture is needed in small-sized homes, and plastic wood composite materials can meet the needs of small-sized homes.

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