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Installation and acceptance method

Installation and acceptance method

The acceptance of plastic wood composite flooring is a very important part of the entire home improvement process. The quality of plastic wood composite floorly affects the living quality and overall beauty of the house. The acceptance criteria for plastic wood composite floor include the color of plastic wood composite floor, the sound of plastic wood composite floor, whether the plastic wood composite floor is curled up, etc.

First of all, it depends on whether the color of plastic wood composite floor is consistent. If the color difference is too large, it will directly affect the appearance, you can request to change; if the color is too consistent, there is almost no color difference, it depends on whether the pattern on the floor surface is the same.

Secondly, it depends on whether the plastic wood composite floor has a sound. Walk back and forth on the plastic wood composite floor during the acceptance, the steps must be heavier, especially the parts against the wall and door openings, pay more attention to the acceptance, find the parts with noise, repeat the walk, determine the specific location of the sound, and make a mark. In this case, you can request to remove and resurface. The sound part is caused by the construction personnel's irregular operation and unqualified materials during the construction process. Irregular operation is mainly manifested in the weak fixing of the ground keel; the unqualified material is mainly reflected in the ground keel not being dried. Some decoration construction units used undried ground keels for construction, and there were signs of drying on the surface, but they did not dry.

Finally, it depends on whether there are worms, gaps, and scratches on the surface of the plastic wood composite floor. It is common that the ground keel is untreated and contains borers. By the time it is found that there are worms, the plastic wood composite floor has been almost wormed; cracks and scratches can be seen at a glance. The specification stipulates: the gap between the plastic wood composite floor should not be greater than 0.5 mm; the scratches are mainly caused by the rough decoration.

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