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Choice of wood plastic composite and ceramic tiles

Choice of wood plastic composite and ceramic tiles


Compared with plastic wood composite flooring, the surface of floor tiles has a low coefficient of friction and is easy to slip. If there are elderly or children in the home, the floor tiles will cause more serious damage to the elderly and children. Plastic wood composite floors are not easy to slip and are more suitable for home paving.

2.Construction technology

Plastic wood composite flooring is more worry-free, labor-saving, and money-saving. The construction process of the floor is constant and has a unified technical standard. For floor tiles, it is necessary to consider not only the variety of patterns and colors, but also whether the size and size can be basically consistent with the ground without the appearance of unsightly narrow tiles. At the same time, you have to buy sand and cement yourself, and hire workers to do the construction. In addition, large floor tiles have higher requirements for laying and higher labor costs. Of course, the overall effect of large floor tiles will be better; the laying requirements and labor costs of small floor tiles are relatively lower, and the overall effect is also worse.

3.Heat preservation

Plastic wood composite flooring has advantages over indoor temperature thermal insulation, while floor tiles have relatively poor thermal insulation performance due to fast heat conduction. Especially in the spring when there is no heating but is approaching the winter or the winter when the heating is not turned on in autumn, the whole floor will feel very cold and not comfortable enough.

4.Home use

Plastic wood composite flooring can adjust the air humidity. Although the floor tiles do not absorb water and are easy to care for, they are cold and may be radioactive. Plastic wood composite flooring can absorb moisture, reduce noise, warm in winter and cool in summer, so as to relieve emotions. Especially for residents living on the first floor, plastic wood composite flooring is the most suitable. In winter, the home will not feel cold. Floor tiles cannot absorb moisture. The room will be colder when it gets worse. In addition, the plastic wood composite floor is more affinity, and children are gardening and running around barefoot on it. Experts in my mind also suggest that laying plastic wood composite floors at home can reduce noise, and it will be more relaxing than floor tiles, and it will relieve pressure for more and more stressed urban people.

5.Comfortable experience

Too hard ground will make the feet feel uncomfortable. In order to ensure the wear-resisting life of the ground in public places with a large amount of wear, harder ground materials have to be used, and the plastic wood composite floor is used for living areas such as rooms, which not only makes the feet feel It is comfortable and can greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, fundamentally solve the problem of excessive noise, and make the room more warm and peaceful. The tiles are hard on the soles of the feet and don't feel so warm. Especially in wet weather, it is easy to slip, and the tile use area is limited.

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