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The development trend of sound-absorbing materials

The development trend of sound-absorbing materials

With the development of society and the continuous advancement of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the sound of the environment in which they live, study, and work, and the impact and harm of noise on people has been paid more and more attention. At present, the main method of reducing noise is to control by using sound-absorbing or sound-insulating materials. As a new type of material, plastic wood composite material has received extensive attention from people, and it meets the needs of modern people for sound-absorbing panels. Plastic wood composite materials do not have excellent sound absorption performance in terms of their material properties. However, how to enhance the sound absorption performance of plastic wood composite products can refer to the composite nature of wooden sound-absorbing materials and other types of sound-absorbing materials to maximize enhancing the sound absorption performance of plastic wood composites is the research direction of plastic wood composite sound-absorbing materials. According to the characteristics and needs of plastic wood composite products, targeted design and manufacture of plastic wood composite sound-absorbing materials will be the future development trend.

Research on various wood composite materials with acoustic properties shows that there are certain deficiencies in sound absorption, decoration, environmental protection, practicality, and specific environments. For example, porous and composite wood composite materials have good absorption. The application of acoustic noise reduction characteristics is limited by mechanical strength in terms of physical properties. As a new environmental protection material, plastic wood composite materials have gradually gained attention in terms of sound absorption performance. The excellent characteristics and application scope of plastic wood composite materials can meet the requirements of sound absorption and noise reduction in specific spaces. Plastic wood composite sound-absorbing materials should expand their application range.

First of all, in terms of sound-absorbing materials, we make full use of the porous sound-absorbing mechanism, and improve the material ratio of plastic wood composite materials to achieve inter-interconnection of internal pores and improve its sound absorption performance. At the same time, the plastic wood composite material can be designed with holes and grooves by imitating the preparation methods of common wooden perforated sound-absorbing panels on the market. Mainly take plastic wood composite material as the base material, open holes on the surface and back of the hole, so as to obtain the open-hole resonance sound-absorbing material. The shape of the surface opening can be round, strip, microporous, etc., by adjusting the aperture the size, density and shape of the plastic wood composite sound-absorbing board can be adjusted. The method of back grooving is mainly to grooving on the back of the plastic wood composite board. The types of grooving mainly include arc groove, trapezoidal groove, square groove and so on. The hole-opening method can broaden the sound absorption range of plastic wood composite materials, improve the sound absorption performance of the high frequency range, and enhance the decoration and sound absorption of plastic wood composite panels. However, the performance and process of the product need to be improved and improved. The research and development of the hole and groove shape makes it one-time molding and avoids multiple processing, so that it has the best sound absorption performance.

Secondly, plastic wood composite materials, as a new type of material that has been established, are most widely used as outdoor products. Through the improvement of new processes, the development of new technologies and the application of new structures to plastic wood composite sound-absorbing materials, we have developed more products suitable for indoor use, such as sound-absorbing floors, wall panels, decorative panels, ceilings, doors and windows , furniture, bathroom and other products. In addition to the application of traditional industries, it can also be used in some other industries, such as automobile interior accessories, such as automobile door guards, door trims, trunks and other interior trims. In the future, the development of plastic wood composite sound-absorbing materials can take the development path of product production scale, composite diversification, sound absorption full frequency, new structure, practical diversification, and wide application fields. This will be the research of plastic wood composite sound-absorbing materials.

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