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WPC floor maintenance method

WPC floor maintenance method

There are more and more people using plastic wood composite flooring, because it has many unique advantages. The maintenance of wood boards also needs to pay attention to methods. If the method is correct, it will take a longer time. Let's look at some of its maintenance methods.

It should be maintained regularly. If too much dirt and dust are stored, it will penetrate into it and it will be difficult to clean. Whether it is on the surface or in the card slot, it will be difficult to remove after a long time. Use clean water to remove dust. When cleaning, you can try on a small piece first. If there is no problem, clean the large area so that the floor will not be damaged. The price of plastic wood composite floor is not very cheap, because we want Take good care of it, and don't shorten its use time because it is not well maintained.

In addition, if the maintenance method of plastic wood composite floor is wrong, it is easy to cause it to change color, which will affect the appearance and quality. After just laying the floor, you can clean it with soapy water, a hard brush, etc., so that a lot of dust and some dirt can be eliminated, and special cleaning products, such as products with oxalic acid, should be used to clean the rust it shows. Stains, if colored chalk is painted on the plastic wood composite floor, it will be difficult to remove them.

If it is stained with oil stains, ordinary cleaners for removing oil stains are fine, or some stone salt, etc., remember to rinse with clean water after using the cleaning products, and keep the wood floor dry. Do not let it have moisture, otherwise it will easily cause deformation or mold, you can use a brush to remove dust. If there is mildew, it can be removed with a mildew remover, and it is easy to remove it with a cleaning ball.

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