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Six advantages of plastic wood composite fiber wallboard

Nowadays, more and more families accept plastic wood composite fiber wallboard, instead of just using monotonous white stucco wall as decoration. The reason why more people will choose plastic wood composite fiber wallboard in recent years is that it will be novel. The combination of his skills and traditional culture brings new colors to the family. What are the advantages of plastic wood composite fiber wall panels and related introductions!

Six advantages of WPC fiber wallboard
1. The newly decorated house will have a very strong smell if it is painted, but plastic wood composite fiber wallboard will not, because it is green and environmentally friendly "0" formaldehyde (the room has no peculiar smell after installation, and the formaldehyde content is lower than E0 , for the European-level environmental protection regulations, to ensure the health of the living environment.) Therefore, we can safely live in.

2. Fire-proof and moisture-proof, safe and worry-free. In product planning, the requirements of fire and flame retardant were thoroughly considered, and a barrier was built for family safety. At the same time, the product was completely waterproof and moisture-proof, especially suitable for wall decoration in the humid environment in the south, away from wall leakage and mildew.

3. Heat preservation and heat insulation. Its own vents, coupled with its common modeling plan, can effectively block the transmission of temperature between the surface and the inside of the compartment, warm in winter and cool in summer.

4. Various shapes. Product planning can be planned and deployed by the owner according to the actual decoration style, playing with wall decoration DIY, and completing personalized customization of wall decoration.

5. Easy to clean. If there are children in the family, the children like to write and draw on the wall most. If it is an ordinary wall, it will be very difficult to scrub, but the plastic wood composite fiber wall panel can be cleaned quickly and concisely, so it also has easy The advantage of cleanliness.

6. High hardness and strong impact resistance. When the new house was moved in, there were a lot of important furniture, in order to damage the front, the impact resistance is also a major feature of the plastic wood composite fiber wall panel.

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