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What Are The Production Specifications For Wood Plastic Pavilions

People's daily leisure and entertainment life, and when playing in scenic spots and parks, they often see wood plastic pavilions. Such pavilions are often in antique style and have a classical oriental charm. In addition to decoration, these wood plastic pavilions can also be used for people to rest. Because it is used outdoors, the durability of the pavilion has to be rigorously tested, and the material used is wood plastic.So what are the production specifications for wood plastic pavilions?

How to choose a wood plastic pavilion?

1. First of all, the most important point in the choice of wood plastic pavilion is to look at the appearance of the pavilion. The appearance here refers to the details of the workmanship of the pavilion. The high-quality pavilion is well-made, and whether there are gaps in the connection and inlays. Whether it is a pillar, a guardrail, a table or a chair and other hand-touchable places, it is smooth without any thorny places. It is not only beautiful, easy to manage and use, but also safe, so there is no need to worry about children getting injured when playing in the wood plastic pavilion.

2. Secondly, the most important point in the selection of wood plastic pavilions is the selection of pavilions. Many customers think that the materials of wood plastic are similar. In fact, the formulas of the products of different companies are different, and the quality of the products is of course different. Lvguang landscape wood plastic new material has high strength, high hardness, long life, good processability, beautiful features, and quality assurance.

3. In addition, the most important point in the selection of wood plastic pavilions is the style and size. The pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, hexagonal, octagonal, double-layer, three-layer, special-shaped, etc. Consumers are advised to look at the style in advance, measure the specific size, and choose the appropriate style. The pavilion, which is both practical and beautiful, is not only a good place to enjoy the cool, but also a scenic line in the green space.

What are the production specifications for wood plastic pavilions?

The wood plastic pavilion needs to meet the requirements of practicability and aesthetics in terms of color, structure and application.

1. Color: To build a beautiful wood plastic pavilion, the most basic thing is color. First of all, the color cannot be too single, monotonous, or too unified. Although the wood plastic pavilion is a composite material of both plastic and wood fiber, But it has the advantages of both plastic and wood fiber, so there are many kinds of colors, there are at least 200 kinds to choose from, so users can choose the most suitable color, which can also be perfectly integrated.

2. In terms of structure: In order for the wood plastic pavilion to be beautiful, in addition to the color, it also needs to be able to withstand careful viewing. All beautiful wood-plastic pavilions should be beautiful in terms of the entire structure and overall, and the details are equally exquisite.

3. Application: The reason why the application of wood plastic pavilion is mentioned is mainly because the wood plastic pavilion never exists as a separate individual, but is integrated into the entire community and park environment, and has strong practicability. . This is also the value of the wood plastic pavilion.

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