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Application of plastic wood composite material in inner panel of passenger car side wall

In recent years, the international automobile field has shown a rapid development. Automobile manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the light weight, low consumption, low emission and low cost of automobiles. In the past, vehicle interior materials were mainly made of plastics, which were not easily degraded and caused great environmental pollution. The appearance of plastic wood composite materials provided the possibility to solve this problem to a certain extent. Compared with traditional materials, plastic wood composite materials have greater advantages in terms of stiffness, strength, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and can better meet the needs of the automotive industry toward lightweight, energy-saving, and The development needs of high speed and comfort, low cost, long life and multi-function direction. The honeycomb sandwich structure plastic wood composite material is mainly composed of upper and lower panels, an adhesive layer and a core layer.

As an excellent structure, the honeycomb plastic wood sandwich structure has the characteristics of small mass and high rigidity. In addition, it can effectively reduce the impact of vibration, absorb noise and insulate heat. This structure is widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, automobiles, construction and other fields. The use of honeycomb sandwich composite materials can reduce vibration amplitude, insulate sound and maintain temperature. The extensive use of this material can effectively promote the optimization of the automobile industry structure, save steel consumption, and reduce energy pressure.

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