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Precautions for storage of plastic wood composite flooring

Precautions for storage of plastic wood composite flooring

Plastic wood composite flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly wood plastic composite material product. The wood phenol produced in the production of high-density fiberboard is added to recycled plastic and passed through the pelletizing equipment to make wood plastic composite material, and then the extrusion production group The wood plastic composite floor has many advantages, and it is one of the first choices of people's home decoration materials. However, businesses or customers need to pay attention to the storage of plastic wood composite floors.

  1. Although the plastic wood compositefloor has the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof, it is necessary to ensure that the storage place is dry and ventilated. After the floor is placed in the warehouse, always pay attention to ventilation to ensure that the room is clean and dry. Extension is still of great help;
  2. The floor should be placed flat. This is the key to ensure that the floor prevents deformation. Only in this way can the plastic wood compositefloor be stored for longer;
  3. Plastic film can be used for wrapping outside, which is the key to prevent dust falling. In order to ensure air permeability, you can also poke a few holes on the plastic film to ensure the smoothness of the air, so that the floor can achieve the best storage effect. At the same time, during storage, stay away from places with water or power sources to ensure safe storage without worries.
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