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Maintenance Of WPC Floor Small Tips On Floor Moisture Proof

Installation of floor is a very important process in the interior decoration, so the problem of moisture floor must be paid much attention, otherwise the floor will mildew and deform, this will not only affect the normal use, but also breed a lot of bacteria,threatening human health.So do you know maintenance of WPC floor small tips on floor moisture proof?

The WPC floor must be kept dry and clean during using. In general, the moisture content of floor is 8%~13%。 But if installed or use inappropriately, quality problems will occur, such as no anti-moisture treatment in installation process;cleaning with water, salt water or soap water will destroy the lightness of floor;no separation between the washing room WPC floor and living room WPC floor; window curtains are not well put which result in the WPC floor being exposed to the sun then the color faded and WPC floor split up; air conditioner at too low temperature, then the temperature difference will cause expansion or shrinkage and the WPC floor split up. Besides, anti-moisture is a very important technical indicator. The WPC floor must be kept dry and clean during using. In general, the moisture content of floor is 8%~13%.WPC Floor with poor anti-moisture features will curl up on the side and be damaged when moisture enters into the floor after “burnt” long time under geothermal. While high qualified WPC floor are made of high density materials which have good anti-moisture features and much lower thickness swelling rate of water absorption than the national standard. Also, special wear layer, decorative paper, balancing layer, the substrate can be well "closed" to ensure better overall moisture resistant flooring.

There is a saying in flooring industry, “30% the floor and 70% the installation”, which means the installation determines 70% of the floor quality.Bad experience in using the floor is mostly caused by inapproriate installation.The floor coverings problem has become chronic illness that restricts the use of the floor.

To avoid the unpleasant WPC floor maintenance, the more important thing is to do a good sales job. Professionals told the reporters that before the floor is installed, the staff must do four different aspects of the preparatory work, so that the latter part of the construction process can be greatly enhanced in accuracy and precision, and can effectively detect ground "sand, tide, concave specific degree convex crack "and the five issues. In addition, the staff are also particularly concerned about the flatness of the ground, if the ground is smooth, not bagging the bottom floor; the ground is not wet the floor does not swell, these must be carefully tested.

Floor coverings are not random, but to grasp the "opportune" pavement principle. Professionals said, because of the temperature difference between day and night in the spring, so the tiles on the WPC floor and pavement should be paid attention to moisture and other issues. Therefore, before the WPC floor is installed, it is best to put it at at room temperature 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ for 2 days. In addition, the best time to install the flooring choice in the "opportune" time period. Simply put, the day means sunny weather, it is best to install when 7 days before and after are sunny, no rain; geography is a requirement, not on the ground to dry before installing the floor; and that we must find professional workers you install the WPC floor. Meanwhile, in the following professional shop floor mats moisture to prevent the WPC floor from moisture.Especially need to be reminded that, in the 48 hours after the floor is installed,avoid walking around and place heavy objects,leaving enough time for flooring adhesive bonding. Use a Just a vacuum cleaner or broom clean for recently finished floor cleaning.

Compartment mat is between the WPC floor and the ground, it is mainly played as the role of anti-moisture and balance in the flooring. The mats products sold in the market are generally able to meet the basic requirements of users, and now some brand also launched various "function mats", such as aluminum floor mats, special plastic mats, paper place mats, etc., the user can choose to use as needed. At present, there are wide ranges of mats, there are basically ordinary mats, aluminum mats, plastic film mats, special plastic mats, mats and other moisture-proof paper.

Plastic film mats are mainly determined by its toughness, good toughness mats it is also very good; and aluminum mats will have to pay attention to its aluminum and plastic film bonding surface is close, it's a good aluminum floor mats that layer of aluminum is not easy to fall off. In addition, the purchase should note, for the floor mats, it’s not the thicker the better, usually about 2 cm is fine. If it’s too thick, floor room for maneuver is relatively large, it will be easy to bag after a long time.

Professionals also said that from the point of moisture resistance, WPC floor is never better than plastic film. Because even for the dry-looking ground, there will be tidal heating when steamed, so geothermal heating required in conjunction with PE damp proof membrane. But also requires proof PE film has a certain thickness and good environmental protection.

It is worth mentioning that, in entering the occasion of the spring and summer high temperatures, formaldehyde emission will be 20-30% higher than usual. But if you buy the product with high market visibility ,then you don’t need to worry about it.

Some experts said that formaldehyde is not so terrible as publicity says, formaldehyde has been working with our daily lives, even in the logs, tap water contains formaldehyde, it will no longer be misled by some so-called green "gimmicks". Meanwhile, some glue contains no harmful substances, there is no need to sacrifice quality of the floor coverings for "free gum" . "However, most consumers tend to be more concerned about the formaldehyde content in the floor, while ignoring the existence of related materials there may be hazardous substances." The expert explained when talking about formaldehyde, people tend to immediately think of the floor or furniture, etc., some unscrupulous floor trader, then took advantage of this psychology of consumers, by way of tying the floor reap benefits under false pretenses. For rubber flooring, baseboards, floor mats, etc. These laminate flooring accessories can also be dangerous for non-environmentally friendly, influencing the health and becoming a potential danger to family environmental protection.

In a rainy day, you should close the doors and windows in the south or southeast direction (i.e. upwind),doors open only under the direction of the wind, in order to reduce the water vapor into the interior. When it becomes sunny, open all the doors and windows to accelerate the evaporation. At the same time, due to the highest air humidity value indoor at noon , don’t open windows, the best choice is in the afternoon or in the evening, when the climate is relatively dry or, open the window to regulate the indoor air.

The above is maintenance of WPC floor small tips on floor moisture proof.Friends who have purchased can bookmark it.

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