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What should I pay attention to when storing wood plastic composite flooring?

What should I pay attention to when storing wood plastic composite flooring?

Wood plastic composite flooring is this new energy-saving wood plastic composite material product. Wood phenol is often produced in the production and manufacturing of high-density fiberboard. Recycled particles are added to make wood plastic composite materials through plastic processing machinery and equipment, and then extrusion the production team makes wood plastic composite flooring, which has many advantages and is one of the best indoor decoration materials. Manufacturers or customers must pay attention to the storage of wood plastic composite flooring.

  1. Although the wood plastic compositefloor has the actual effect of moisture-proof and waterproof, it is still necessary to ensure the dry and natural ventilation of the storage address. After the wood floor is placed in the warehouse, natural ventilation is often emphasized to ensure that the room is cleaned and comfortable. For the storage time of the wooden floor itself can be increased, there is still considerable assistance;
  2. Pay attention to the placement of the wooden floor. It is important to ensure that the wooden floor avoids deformation. The only way to make the wood plastic compositefloor storage longer;
  3. It is important to be able to use plastic film to carry out encapsulation on the outside, so as to avoid dust accumulation. In order to ensure the air permeability, multiple holes can be poked on the plastic film to ensure the fluency of the gas, thereby improving the actual storage effect of the wooden floor. At the same time during the storage period, it is necessary to eliminate areas with water resources or switching power supplies to ensure safe storage without concerns.

You must pay attention to the storage of wood plastic composite flooring, otherwise its advantages: wood plastic composite flooring material is harder, dense wood fiber structure, low heat transfer coefficient, and the actual effect of isolating noise and heat flow is better than concrete, floor tiles and steel wood; The characteristics of the wood of the plastic floor are that the weather is dry and irritable, and the moisture inside the wood is obvious; the weather is wet and cold, and the wood will digest and absorb the moisture in the gas. The wooden floor adjusts the relative humidity of the bedroom to a more comfortable level according to the digestion, absorption and release of water; it is warm for many days and cool in summer; it is derived from the native woods and is sprayed with non-volatile wear-resistant paint. The car paint is all emerald green and harmless, unlike floor tiles that have radiation sources, and laminate flooring does not have indoor formaldehyde. It is the only natural emerald green and harmless pavement decoration building material. It is beautiful and elegant, strong and durable fully played.

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