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How about the price of plastic wood flooring? How choose it?

Wood plastic floor is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and has a longer life span. It is very popular among users. This kind of flooring is increasingly appearing in public places. Plastic wood floor is the most ideal floor with low price and good quality. Plastic wood floor has strong waterproof performance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and insect resistance. This kind of floor will not crack, deform, and fade for a long time. Outdoor places such as park areas most need this kind of high-quality floor. Let's take a look at the skills of buying plastic wood floor.
1. According to the production process
  The price of plastic wood floor is related to the manufacturer's materials, flooring technology, and product quality, so the differences in products are very large. Generally speaking, to choose this kind of floor, you must first make a budget. With economic conditions permitting, you can choose plastic-wood solid floor.But if your financial resources are limited, plastic-wood hollow floor is a reasonable choice.
2. According to area
(1). Because of the low humidity and large temperature difference in the north, plastic wood hollow floors are used.
(2). The air humidity in the south is high and the temperature difference is small. Plastic wood solid floor is a good choice.
(3). Plastic wood floor is installed on the roof with a small flow of people, using hollow cores.
(4). In public places with heavy traffic, choose solid ones for plastic-wood floor.
   No matter what kind of plastic wood floor, when installing, pay attention to the holes must be sealed to prevent insects from entering.
3. According to decoration
  Plastic wood floor has a variety of colors and textures. And there are all kinds of plastic wood floor with different thickness,width and length for choice. Users can choose a personalized customized floor according to their needs. Besides, design and installation effects should be coordinated.
  In short, the price and quality of wood-plastic floor is different. If you need this kind of floor, you must choose a regular and reputable floor manufacturer.

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