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How about using plastic wood composite flooring in park wetlands

The installation and application of plastic wood composite flooring can be seen in many places. Plastic wood composite panels have many due advantages. For example, plastic wood composite panels are not easy to rot and deform after use, and can maintain the original state for a long time, and the panels are moisture-proof It has outstanding performance in anti-moth and anti-moth, and it is not easy to mold after using the board. These are application advantages that cannot be achieved by traditional boards. Therefore, the number of places using plastic wood composite boards is gradually increasing.

The wetland park around the city is an important place for urban residents to adjust their emotions and leisure. It can play an important role in the climate regulation and development of the city. In order to achieve a good ecological leisure effect in wetland parks, people often use solid wood products to pave plank roads, ground and water surfaces, which will waste wood resources and damage the environment.

The use of plastic wood composite materials has alleviated the contradiction between urban residents' demands for leisure life and environmental protection. Therefore, plastic wood composite flooring products are increasingly used in wetland parks.

The production of wood plastic composite floor is produced by high-temperature melting and high-pressure extrusion. It has a better and compact structure. Its density reaches 1.3g/cm³, which is about 3 times that of conventional wood. Therefore, wood plastic composite floor also has better anti-corrosion properties. Wood has better anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and insect-proof effects, and also has more wear resistance, stain resistance and better aging resistance.
Plastic wood composite flooring combines the dual advantages of wood and plastic in performance. The appearance of wood texture is vivid, the material stability is excellent, and it is not easy to crack, deform, and warp. The product is resistant to aging, corrosion, insects and ants, and has low water absorption. Rich in color and easy to process like wood, whether it is cutting, planing, nailing or drilling is very simple.

The heat in summer and the cold in winter can be easily dealt with by plastic wood composite flooring in various natural climates. The appearance has always been warm and moist. It is a rare outdoor decoration material.

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