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Home improvement wood plastic composite floor

Seeing more solid wood flooring and composite flooring, in order to make their home decoration more unique, many families will choose to buy some new floor decoration materials, such as wood plastic composite flooring. So, can this wood plastic composite floor be used at home?
The benefits of installing wood plastic composite flooring at home:
1. Durable, long service life, appearance and texture similar to solid wood flooring, but also has high hardness;
2. Good physical properties, more stable than ordinary wood floors. No cracks, warping, no wood knots, or twill. Adding colorant, film or composite surface can make various products with brilliant colors;
3. It is easy to form and process, and the later repair is relatively simple.
4. The secondary processing is good, it can be cut, glued, and fixed with nails or bolts;
5. After installation, it can be painted and beautified, and the product specifications and shapes can be adjusted according to user requirements, with great flexibility;
6. Strong anti-insect ability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, no deformation due to moisture absorption;
7. Since wood plastic composite is a renewable resource, it is more abundant than solid wood, so it is cheap to make and decoration costs are low.

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