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How to choose wood plastic composite flooring

Although there are many wood plastic composite floors on the market, facing the wood plastic composite floor, which is as many as the number of snacks on the supermarket shelves, we all want to buy a wood plastic composite floor that really suits ourselves and our family a simple thing.
1. Look at the surface quality of the floor
Mainly depends on the flatness and regularity of the floor surface. Because the surface of inferior wood plastic composite materials is generally not very flat, and the specifications are not neat, and even the surface is uneven or uneven in size. Therefore, when purchasing wood plastic composite flooring, the observation of the surface is particularly important.
2. Look at the gloss of the floor
The color of high-quality wood plastic composite flooring is relatively natural, soft and uniform, and is basically closer to the original color of the wood. Even after the dyeing process, the color will not be too bright. The color of some poor-quality wood plastic composite floors is bright or dark, and the dyeing is uneven.
3. Look at the waterproofness of the floor
The general wood plastic composite floor has been treated with waterproof and moisture-proof treatment. Even if the floor is placed in the water for ten minutes, it will not be affected by moisture. Inferior wood plastic composite products will get wet when exposed to water.
4. Look at the fire rating of the floor
In addition to good waterproof performance, wood plastic composite flooring also has a higher fire rating. You can bring a lighter to the site when you buy it to try the fire resistance of the floor.

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