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Wood plastic composite will become the main force in the construction of “green campus”

Wood plastic composite will become the main force in the construction of "green campus"

The standard of a green campus is to save resources (energy saving, water saving, material saving, land saving), protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide teachers and students with a healthy, applicable and efficient teaching and living environment, and have environmental education functions for students , a campus in harmony with the natural environment.

In daily campus life, the destruction of hardware facilities is very common. As consumables, new hardware facilities will soon be replaced. However, with the continuous scarcity of natural resources, the abundant iron, wood and other resources in the past have become less and less, and the rapid consumption of hardware has become a burden for us, and it is not green.

At this time, the emergence of wood plastic composite materials actually provides a new material alternative for the hardware construction of the green campus.

Wood plastic composite itself is an environmentally friendly product that is recycled. Wood plastic composite has excellent performance in saving resources and can recycle waste, which greatly saves the amount of wood used. First of all, because of the lack of wood resources, it is natural to look for materials to replace wood; while straw pollutes the environment and burning may cause smog, it is natural to think of how to use straw as a comprehensive utilization material. Not only straw, but other materials such as bamboo powder, plant fiber powder, etc. Can also be used as materials for wood plastic composite, so the more accurate name of wood plastic composite is biomass plastic composite material.

Not only because of its environmental performance, wood plastic composite as a new environmentally friendly composite product has many excellent properties. In the construction of a green campus, it is mainly embodied in the aspect of durability, which improves the lifespan of products and greatly reduces the consumption of natural resources. In addition, WPC is waterproof and moisture-proof, which fundamentally solves the problem that wood is easy to rot and swell and deform after absorbing water in humid and watery environments. It can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used. WPC is anti-insect and anti-termite, which can effectively prevent pests and prolong the service life. Wood plastic composite products are highly environmentally friendly, pollution-free, pollution-free, safe and environmentally friendly. Wood plastic composite has high fire resistance and can effectively flame retardant. Wood plastic composite products are simple to install, convenient to construct, and do not require complicated construction techniques, saving installation time and costs. Wood plastic composite products do not crack, swell, or deform, do not need repair and maintenance, are easy to clean, and save later repair and maintenance costs. The wood plastic composite floor has good sound absorption effect and good energy-saving performance, which can make the indoor energy saving up to 30% or more. Many excellent properties determine that wood plastic composite products will occupy a place in the development of green campuses.

In the future construction of hardware facilities in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and universities, wood plastic composite will become the main material. Wood plastic composite companies must also seize the opportunity to target the market on green campuses, enter green campuses as soon as possible, and contribute to environmental protection.

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