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How to choose outdoor wood plastic composite decking correctly?

How to choose outdoor wood plastic composite decking correctly?

Low carbon, environmentally friendly and durable wood plastic composite decking has appeared more and more around you and me; it uses the functions of waterproof, mildew, anti corrosion, insect proof, and non deformation, cracking and non fading characteristics, instead of traditional anti corrosion wood, makeup It points to outdoor spaces such as park areas, villa courtyards, etc. So, what should we pay attention to when buying wood plastic composite decking?

1. Choose and buy wood plastic composite decking according to your budget
At present, the market price of wood plastic composite decking varies greatly due to the manufacturer's formula, technology, and the shape of the decking section, and the products have their own characteristics. Of course, it is not ruled out that individual manufacturers are shoddy. Generally speaking, if the economic conditions are better, solid wood wood plastic composite decking is mostly used; if the budget is limited, hollow wood wood plastic composite decking is also acceptable.

2. Choose according to your area of use
If you live in an area with a large temperature difference but relatively low air humidity, it is recommended to use hollow wood plastic composite decking with round holes; if you live in an area with a small temperature difference but large air humidity, it is recommended that you use solid wood plastic decking ; If you want to install the wood plastic decking on the roof and the flow of people is also small, you can choose square holes; if you plan to pave the wood plastic composite decking in a crowded public leisure and entertainment place, please choose more resistant abrasion coextruded wood plastic composite decking; in addition, it is worth noting that whether it is a square hole hollow or a round hole hollow plastic wood composite decking, when installing, you must pay attention to the plugging of the cross sectional holes to prevent insects or water vapor enter.

3. Choose according to your outdoor decoration design plan
Whether it is a cool or warm color, the colors you can see can affect your mood and design style; the color, texture, thickness, width, length, etc. of the plastic wood composite decking can have a large selection space. It is even completely customized. Therefore, please consult a professional designer or plastic wood composite material professional before purchasing wood plastic composite decking, so as to avoid the actual installation effect and the design are different.

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