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Application of wood-plastic products in Chinese buildings

Wood-plastic products first originated in Europe and the United States. Due to the advanced environmental protection awareness in Europe and the United States, the development of wood-plastic in the local area is also rapidly. In May 2007, the Plastics Standardization Professional Committee of the European Union Organization for Standardization officially announced the draft standard of "Technical Specifications for Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)" mainly drafted by the United Kingdom.In recent years, the application of wood-plastic buildings in China has become more and more extensive.

According to previous news from China Garden.com, with the continuous development of the construction industry, people's requirements for environmentally friendly building materials are getting higher and higher. As a new type of environmentally friendly materials, wood plastic is also widely used in the field of home improvement. Predicting the application situation at this stage, wood plastic will replace the solid wood floor commonly used in home decoration in the future and become one of the key directions of development.

In the previous Shanghai World Expo, the flaming Chinese red of the China Pavilion undoubtedly attracted a large number of tourists to visit. The Chinese pavilion is shaped like an ancient hat, named after the “Crown of the East”with a red color, which is echoed by the large mahogany-colored floor around the venue. These floors have both the appear and texture of wood, but in fact these floors are not made of wood, but a new type of environmentally friendly material called wood plastic. The color of the wood plastic can be adjusted according to the formula. The mahogany color chosen this time is solemn and grand, which reflects the style of the China Pavilion.

Wood-plastic products can not only be used for these large-scale buildings, but also for some small projects, such as benches in parks and WPC Landscape Flower Boxes that look like wood.As these small buildings exposed to the sun, the advantages of wood-plastic materials such as anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, not easy to deform, low maintenance, etc., are undoubtedly the best solution for making these items.

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