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What are the installation requirements and use requirements

What are the installation requirements and use requirements

Nowadays, wood plastic composite materials are widely used, from the simplest wood plastic composite floor to the later outdoor applications of wood plastic composite, which have been practiced and applied in large quantities. Of course, there are different installation requirements and usage requirements for different environments, let's take a look at it in detail below.

When wood plastic composite is used as a flower stand, this time is actually very long outdoors. Outdoors must take into account the influence of the weather. Thermal expansion and contraction are the basic conditions. The installation of columns and horizontal columns is very important and must be kept firm. Stable direction. In addition, if wood plastic composite flooring is to be used outdoors, attention must be paid to the installation area and length. Wood plastic composite is different from ordinary plastics. It has the bending properties of the material itself. When installing, pay attention to the inclination, it must be corrected in time. Otherwise, it is easy to appear abnormal state, and later installation deformation will affect the use. One of the most basic principles of installation is to locate and correct. In addition, if it is a vertical installation, you must pay attention to the fixing of the screws. The fixing of the screws needs to be aligned with the direction, and the screw spacing is 30 cm. It is necessary to ensure that the force of the four screws is in a balanced and even state.

Finally, there is a problem of fading. Many customers worry that wood plastic composite flooring will fade. According to the survey, the probability of fade is only about 20% within three to five years of use. And the slight fading can be adjusted and SevenTrustd with related protective agents. Wood plastic composite materials should be used frequently. The longer the use time, the more natural and ecological colors are.

Of course, how to maintain in the later period and how to extend the service life requires users to study and observe more. After all, everything needs care to extend its life.

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