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The knowledge of Wood plastic composite material

The knowledge of Wood plastic composite material


Wpc That WPC (wood-plastic-composites referred wpc) is the use of wood powder, rice husk, straw and other natural plant fiber filled increase polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a new modified eco-friendly materials such as ABS reinforced plastic with a special treatment process processed.

2.The  characteristics  of  the  craft

1)Wood products from wood powder + PVC plastic powder + other additives mixed at high temperature, extrusion, molding and other processes into a certain shape.

2)Strength has a wood look and better than solid wood, headstrong, and has excellent corrosion no wood, waterproof, anti-moth, flame retardant, no distortion, no cracking, nails, sawing, planing, painting, can drilling, no-frills product pollution formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene.

3)Unique formulation technology and enhanced treatment effect through the interface and special mixing molding technology, wood, plastic and truly become one.

4)Can be recycled, biodegradable characteristics, protection of forest resources and ecological environment, truly "green", in line with "resource-saving and environment-friendly" social demands.

3.Wood products standards (domestic and international reference standard)

Item Specification Requirements

1)The dimensional change after heating% ≤ ± 1%

2)After heating the test pattern test% 150 degrees should be no bubbles, cracks, pitting

3)Normal average load test warpage ≤2.0%, and no affect the use of crack and deformation

4)The degree of surface resistance g / 100r ≤0.10

5)Low temperature impact testing ground (broken number) ≤1

6)Formaldehyde emission mg / 100g ≤9

7)Shuo-resistant surface after burning cigarette test without spots, crack, bubble and so on

8)Corrosion resistant surface contamination polluting, non-corrosive

9)Artificial weathering test (weather) after the test MOR ≥18mpa

10)After the test, the appearance allowed bubbles, cracks, delamination, pitting, deformation

11)No significant discoloration

4.The difference of the volume

 WPC hollow structure a ton about 2-2.5 m³ (30-35m²), available volume close to 100%; ordinary timber logs available for less than 50% volume, square wood only up to about 70%.


 In theory, WPC life can reach 50 years, the current foreign reports WPC life reached 10--15 years; and now use without special handling domestic use of ordinary wood products for outdoor use but life in general over 3 years.

6.Price comparison

WPC manufactured goods average market price of about 10,000 yuan RMB / ton, according to the proportion of the price of 5000 yuan after volume converted / m³ so; and now middle-material prices in the timber market 6000-8000 yuan / m³ about. In terms of profile material calculation, WPC Domestic quotations of up to 350 yuan / m², and timber sections generally quoted at 300 yuan m² also up and down.

7.Environmental Assessment

A wood preservative, for example, is now the biggest problem is that the environmental and health hazards, China's domestic use ICQ technologies (ie, low toxic preservative) handful of enterprises, most of the products exported abroad; using CCA technology (That is harmful corrosion) of the product more and more restricted, such as the United States banned the use of CCA wood preservative technology. The use of wood-plastic decoration materials, you can achieve "zero time check" to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, the negative impact on the environment is almost zero.

8.Comprehensive characteristics

Advantages of WPC materials and products both wood and plastic, durable, long life, there is the appearance of wood, plastic products higher than hardness, rigidity, anti-acid, but resistance is good, zero formaldehyde, pollution-free, normal use available for more than 20 years in the outdoor.

Excellent physical performance: better dimensional stability than wood, will not crack, warp, no wood knots.

Thermal plastic workability, easy application.

Wood has the same secondary processing: sawing, planing, nail or screw.

No termite infestation, anti-bacterial, anti-UV, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent deformation, resistant to moisture, temperature difference, face paint, easy to maintain.

Not harmful components can be reused, and 100% recycled, environmentally friendly

1)Good processing characteristics

Can be sawing, planing, turning, cutting, nailing, drilling, grinding, and nail holding power is superior to other synthetic materials, it can also paste, painting and other secondary processing, to facilitate the production of a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness the products offer a variety of designs, colors and wood products.

2)A combination of high internal strength

Because composite materials containing polyester, which has good flexibility, in addition, contains wood fiber and resin-cured, which has hardwood considerable compressive strength, impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties, and has better than ordinary wood materials , long life, economical and practical, low price.

3)Good shape stability

Size and shape of wood products will not crack, crack, easy to warpage, no wood knots, twill, stain, mildew and other defects.

4)High production efficiency

Molding properties of the plastic with thermoplastic molding cycle is short, less processing step, easy application.

5)Adjustable excellent performance

By additives, resin polymerization, foam, curing, modified, and other changes, thus changing the wood density, strength and other characteristics, can also achieve anti-aging, anti-static special requirements, fire-retardant.


WPC can be repeatedly recycled, biodegradable. Protection of forest resources and ecological environment of the new century a new type of environmentally friendly materials.

7)Wooden exterior decorative effect

First, it feels very much like wood, there is warmth of wood, the difference between a cold feeling plastic, high quality wood materials but also exudes a scent of wood.


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