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Problems that should be paid attention to in co-extrusion wpc production

Problems that should be paid attention to in co-extrusion wpc production

After years of rapid development, co-extrusion wood plastic composite materials has slowly developed into a new industry. In recent years, as companies accelerate the application and development of wood plastic composite materials in interior decoration, furniture and other fields, good results have been achieved. So what problems should be paid attention to in the production of co-extrusion wood plastic composite?

1. Handling of materials

ASA material must be dried, and the first drying time is a little longer, not less than 4 hours. The choice of drying temperature should be determined according to the specific situation, the temperature is high, the time can be shorter; the temperature is low, the time can be extended appropriately, but the longest cannot exceed 24 hours.

 2. Treatment of surface scratches

After the product is demolded, the surface of ASA has no scratches and is very smooth and uniform; after cooling and shaping, powdery substances appear on the surface; after completely cooling, obvious scratches will appear on the surface. In this regard, it must be ensured that the molding die is smoother, there is no right-angle transition joint, and there are fewer scratches; the shorter the molding die, the fewer surface scratches, and the products produced by the 2-stage molding die have scratches compared with the products produced by the 4-stage molding die less; the last 3 stages of the 4-stage sizing mold are properly processed, the product produced has almost no scratches, and the surface condition is greatly improved.

3. Control of the thickness of the co-extrusion layer

The thickness of the ASA co-extruded layer is related to the weather resistance, covering rate and processing performance of the ASA coating. In production, the thickness of the co-extruded layer is controlled by controlling the extrusion volume of the co-extruder. ASA has strong weather resistance and good compatibility with PVC. The combination of the two is very strong. Therefore, the general ASA co-extruded layer thickness of 0.2-0.3mm can meet the quality requirements. If the thickness is too thin, some lighter colors will appear white; if the thickness is too thick, the profile produced will sometimes bend, so it is very important to control the thickness of the co-extruded layer to ensure product quality.

With the depletion of global forest resources and the increasing awareness of people’s environmental protection, the wood plastic composite industry has developed well. At the same time, ASA-PVC co-extruded wood plastic composite is also widely used in gardens, transportation, construction, home improvement, vehicle and ship interiors and other fields . How to further promote the development of the industry, improve the process technology, and provide people with better wood plastic composite products, these are issues that should be carefully considered as a wood plastic composite person.

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