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Ecological wood products in the home improvement how to use the ceiling?

Ecological wood products in the home improvement how to use the ceiling?

Recently , the Department received a customer side of the reflected near end of the year a lot of home improvement customers ask our customer service personnel :ecological wood really do? Is not environmentally friendly?Termite pest control is not really?Is not really zero formaldehyde,is not an ordinary carpenter can install a series of questions , and so on ,as a new type of environmentally friendly eco- wood decorative materials, especially in recent years , only to be widely used in clothes , but now they are consumers applied to the decoration inside.Seven Trust state ecological wood on whether to make the right choices for customers are more concerned about ecological wood ceiling can be used to carry out a comprehensive introduction doubt , the convenience of customers .

The first:Ecological wood ceiling is a real healthy energy-efficient new environmentally friendly materials.It is composed of 60% wood flour plus about 20 % of the resin and weathering recipe Alto shop help environmental protection through high-temperature foam material , special process cooling production from stereotypes , it has both the advantages of natural wood , but also solve the timber of all the shortcomings , but also can be recycled . All ecological wood ceiling anti pests , waterproof, low-carbon environment , no distortion , no cracking , corrosion mildew, easy installation features, is truly versatile environmentally friendly products.

The second:Ecological wood ceiling is easy to install,general carpentry reference manual will be installed,and the general ceiling panels can also be used,with the keel and gas nail can be installed ,together with the general ceiling keel and louvres can be assembled , and in order to meet consumer individuality characteristics, different specifications of the ceiling can be mixed and matched to design their favorite style. Easy to install because of its characteristics , enhances the operability of the installation personnel , although the ceiling of the relatively light quality , but the hardness is very large , can be easy to transport , but does not compare its light weight , rugged and affect their quality , can 20 -year warranty.

The third:Ecological wood ceiling after installing decorative effect(see below).Development of eco- wood after years of research , the basic color of the product can reach 14 kinds,to wood seven trust color cards ,for example,there are:White oak , golden color ebony , ivory wood color , red sandalwood color Indonesia , Burma teak , rosewood color , jade ebony color , cherry color , black walnut color , ebony , gold teak color , the color of old wooden boat , orange , brown .On this basis,in order to market development and customer demand, research using non-formaldehyde painting techniques to produce silver , light green , green , three new colors. Transfer technology to produce teak king , red oak , oak, maple four new colors. So customers can choose different colors according to the color of furniture

As can be seen from the above ecological wood ceiling of environmental protection, ease of installation , multi- color selection feature can fully explain , ecological wood as the ceiling is to meet the needs of different consumers , is the preferred material for home decoration.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecological WPC ceiling

First: Compared to the traditional ceiling with gypsum board in terms of ceiling, WPC ceiling in the price does not have the advantage of the market price of ecological wood is not one, there are more than 100, there are more than 200, the price is not the same, The same quality is not the same, the need for owners to choose according to their own circumstances. WPC ceiling price is relatively high, the main features are: zero formaldehyde, corrosion, anti-moth, fire, water, durable. It is widely used in indoor wallboard, floor, ceiling, entrance partition, background bar and outdoor garden landscape, pedestrian plank road, guardrail handrail, tree pool flower box, park bench chair.

So, put aside the price, the WPC ceiling is more popular in recent years, a ceiling way, the effect is beautiful atmosphere, in line with the natural environment of the decoration concept. But used in the living room, bedroom, balcony more, the effect is better. Especially with the Department of matching floor or kitchenware, prone to compare the feeling of the atmosphere. With the kitchen, then you need to consider the issue of anti-oil waterproof more. You may need to consider some more.

Second: WPC ceiling easy to install: WPC ceiling are generally slot design, the use of traditional installation methods at the same time, enhance the operability, and card slot design more solid; WPC ceiling quality is generally very light, but the hardness Very large, easy handling, and not because of the impact of light quality of WPC ceiling of the solid level.

Third: WPC ceiling environmental protection strong: ecological wood from wood flour and pvc materials, high temperature polymerization. materials, the use of wood products for the deep processing of the powder into a very stable and environmentally friendly pvc material, so eco-wood products non-toxic tasteless formaldehyde, fire-resistant anti-termites, interior decoration is environmentally friendly materials.

When purchasing, look down on quality and wall thickness, select the big manufacturers is reliable, the general family workshop is recommended not to consider. As for environmental protection, the current home improvement environmental protection materials inside the most environmentally friendly saving comes as eco-wood ceiling, so long as we buy is genuine, can be assured purchase.

Diagram of ecological wood ceiling installation method

Ceiling series------150 Great Wall board smallpox (wall board for ceiling)design.

150 Great Wall board compact, installing a ceiling panel using footprint area is small, make visual effect more perfect, protuberant part to increase the top can view and admire a gender, make the product more stereo effect.

Ceiling series—137 Great Wall board smallpox installation

First according to the design scheme of pay-off stand, install the wire steel hanger, installation of light steel keel, pay-off leveling keel, keel leveling installed base plate, the plate can be used to 5mm, 9mm of multilayer plywood, to enhance the power that grasp a hammer and lining board installation is complete, according to article 137 the thickness of the wall plate installed edge horn line, commonly used article edge horn line L borders, horn line installation is complete and then install 137 Great Wall plate, according to the first board design plan to start the installation, the first plate is very important, must be installed straight, otherwise will influence the future installation. Pay-off straight after correction with galvanized anti-rust pneumatic nail gun. Follow the same method to install the rest, meet part of Yin and Yang Angle with the convergent Angle line. Closed Angle line have L board, Yang Angle line, binding off line, the smallpox horn line segment, and other products, according to the different profiles with different Angle line. Installed to the final piece, according to the size of the remaining cutting profiles, profiles cutting point is lower than the standard size 5mm, to keep enough clearance to install, the installation is complete clean surface.

Ceiling series—100*50 square timber instance analysis

The project of smallpox all use 100*50square timber and 120 tablet. First installation at the grass-roots level keel, according to the height of design positioning keel, leveling keel, keel leveling after the completion of the installation base plate, the use of this project is made of nine plywood lining board, in order to enhance the power that grasp a hammer. Lining board installation is complete, then install 100*50 square timber. Wood is a dedicated hardware accessories for fixed, first of all on work station pendant will be installed in the wood, distance cannot be more than one meter, the wood install line in the plate, according to the line with self-tapping screw to fix the wood on the lining board, wood fixed finish then install 120 tablets is placed above the diagonal side into the wood, bulldozed to move to the middle position, so that it can be exposed parts of lining board of the event. Install the rest in the same way.

100*25square case analysis

The project of smallpox is mainly use 100*25 square timber. First determine the design scheme, the installation at the grass-roots level keel, this project adopts the 50*25 aluminum rectangular tube, also can use special solid TianCai keel, light steel, etc., according to the height of design positioning keel, leveling keel, error should be kept within the 3mm,keel to install the wood after the installation is complete, open 35 on the keel of the 25mm*4mm heart hole, spacing and keel size, in good holes inserted 30*3 aluminum layering, with the drilling and tapping screw on the keel, the square distance is done according to the requirements of the specific design, as above method detailed installation completed.


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