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Problems and solutions of wood plastic composite panels

The first problem is that the moisture content in wood plastic composite materials is too high. Wood plastic composite materials often have a porosity of 16-21%, which makes them easy to break and be easily damaged by microbial contamination. The solution is to control and reduce the moisture content in the wood plastic composite fiber composition to the greatest extent, while not exceeding the necessary temperature and speed in the production and manufacturing process.
Secondly, the amount of antioxidant is too low, causing the wood plastic composite board to be easily oxidized and the surface layer is easy to fall off. "The solution is simple: add an appropriate amount of antioxidants to wood plastic composite materials," he said. "The appropriate amount of oxidants refers to the critical reading value induced by the oxidation of plastic wood products, which is detected and read by a differential heat scanner.
The third hidden danger is the shrinkage of wood plastic composite materials after they are manufactured. This is the biggest problem in the rapid cooling process, especially on hollow boards. Simple solutions include allowing wood plastic composite panels to have sufficient time to be placed in the production workshop, cooling and shrinking; when it is not necessary, do not produce wood plastic composite panels at high speed.
The fourth common problem is product fading due to excessive sanding and insufficient pigments. Manufacturers can deal with this problem by reducing sanding. In addition, the necessary amount of inorganic pigments, such as iron oxide, can be determined and added.
Finally, the surface of many wood plastic composite panels is too smooth is the most dangerous problem. In a humid environment, wood plastic composite panels are more slippery than ordinary wood panels, and they are too smooth even in dry conditions. In this case, manufacturers can help avoid this problem by printing texture on the surface of the board, changing the plastic content to increase traction, and using coatings provided by professional companies.

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