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Necessary conditions for personalized customization of plastic wood composite

The foothold of home design in the 21st century is people-oriented, and personalized custom furniture can better reflect this concept and desire. Customized furniture made of wood plastic composite panels not only embodies the aesthetic concept of modern people's low-carbon life, but also embodies people's spirit of discovering the joy of life and "self-help-autonomous" life, which is in line with modern people's pursuit of economic, environmental, individual and fashionable life standard. As a new type of material, plastic wood composite has high static flexural strength and elastic modulus, which is suitable for making furniture's stressed components; flexible and diversified surface decoration provides consumers with rich and diverse choices. It is foreseeable that plastic wood composite will open up a new world in the application of furniture with its excellent performance, suitable price and environmental friendliness.
Plastic wood composite furniture can meet individual consumer needs
The core concept of personalized custom furniture is to create personalized furniture products through the participation of consumers to meet consumers' personalized consumption needs. At present, the custom-made furniture forms on the market generally consist of various modules or unit elements. Most of the modules are single-piece furniture, with relatively fixed three-dimensional dimensions. Consumers can choose according to the size, use functions and preferences of their own residences. The number, width, and height of the furniture are freely combined and matched in a "building block" style. The application of new plastic wood composite materials and new processes makes the furniture base material more environmentally friendly and safer, and the furniture products are more abundant or semi-finished The form of sales in the form of sales leaves more room for consumers to play freely, so that consumers can truly "do it yourself and show themselves" and achieve highly personalized needs.
Plastic wood composite furniture has a structure that is easy to fold
Tenon joint is the main joint method of traditional furniture, and it is also a form of furniture assembly that is easy to distinguish. Traditional solid wood furniture is seldom processed into a removable structure due to the dry shrinkage and swelling of wood. The insertion method evolved from the tenon joint, realizes the assembly of the furniture through the concave-convex notch between the two parts. The width of the notch is equivalent to the thickness of the board, and the notch near the edge of the board is slightly wider and farther away. The edges are slightly narrower, so that the card can be tighter and firmer when plugged in. This method is suitable for personalized customized furniture using plastic wood composite as the base material. Because the dimensional stability of the wood plastic composite panel is very good, it can ensure the processing size and accuracy of the interface part. In short, the customized furniture made of composite panels has the same expandable interface as building blocks, which allows the product to have a certain degree of free combination and expansion space, allowing consumers to assemble and splice their favorite personalized furniture like building blocks. While enjoying the fun of the game like "building blocks", you can personalize your favorite furniture. Arranging the splicing position of the veneer and the stacking direction of the veneer texture can produce boards of different structural types.
Plastic wood composite furniture has multiple surface decoration methods
The surface decoration of furniture is an important way to enrich the varieties of furniture parts, which can realize the differentiated visual effects of furniture at a lower cost. Different decorative materials and methods can also enhance the symbolic value of furniture products. At present, the most common customized furniture with modular or panel components in the market uses medium-density fiberboard or particleboard as the base material. The edges of the panels are not beautiful enough and the performance is unstable, which makes the customized furniture parts in the surface treatment. Relatively single and stereotyped, reducing consumer participation. Plastic wood composite has stable mechanical properties and good processing performance. The surface decoration of personalized customized furniture is more flexible and more diverse. As long as consumers are provided with "redesigned" and auxiliary materials and simple tools, they can be personalized the design and production of custom furniture has become a common occurrence in people's daily life.
Plastic wood composite furniture is suitable for network marketing mode
With the increase in the number of Internet users and the changes in people's shopping habits, the network marketing model is bound to become the main battlefield for furniture sales in the future. Customized furniture made of plastic wood composite is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, has flush edges, and has a smooth surface. It can be sold in the form of semi-finished products, allowing consumers to see the furniture’s base material, interfaces and other information. "Design" embodies a spirit of independence and realization of self-worth connotation, which can increase consumers' purchase pleasure.

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