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Points for attention in the design of wood plastic composite grape rack

The current grape rack has many functions. On the one hand, it can be used for people to stop and rest, on the other hand, it can linger in the scenery; in addition, it can also create conditions for the climbing and growth of vines. Therefore, it can be said that the grape trellis is the closest to the natural garden landscape sketch. A group of wood plastic composite flower boxes, a wood plastic composite grape rack, a wood plastic composite lattice wall, and even the grape canopies along the roof terraces, gardens, dance floors of high-rise buildings, often have a profound artistic conception and play a wonderful finishing touch, creating indoor and outdoor spaces. The effect that architecture and nature are integrated.

The following points should be paid attention to in the design and construction of wood plastic composite grape rack:

The grape trellis should be beautiful and easy to use under the shade of greenery. It should also look good after falling leaves. Therefore, we should design the flower trellis as a work of art, not just as a structure. We should pay attention to the proportional size, material selection and necessary decoration. The flower frame should not be too large. Too big is not easy to be made lightly, too high is not easy to be shaded and appears empty, as close to nature as possible.

The surroundings of the grape trusses need to be transparent, except for supporting walls and columns, without walls, doors and windows. The upper and lower planes of the grape rack do not have to be symmetrical and similar, and can be freely extended and crossed, so that the grape rack is placed in the garden landscape without obstruction. The most important thing is to conceive the shape of the grape frame according to the characteristics of the climbing plants and the environment; according to the biological characteristics of the climbing plants, design the structure of the flower frame and choose wood plastic composite materials.

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