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Plastic Wood Composite Wallboard and Cement Hanging Board

Plastic Wood Composite Wallboard and Cement Hanging Board

With the continuous development and renewal of plastic wood composite materials, the materials of external wall hanging boards ushered in a new round of substitutes. At present, what decoration materials are mainly used on construction sites? Who can be better than the advantages between plastic wood composite wallboard and cement siding? What are the materials that can dominate the market in the future?

As exterior wall decoration materials, cement siding is mainly used for exterior decoration and renovation of villas, factories and residences, building roof decoration, interior wall decoration, ceilings, partition walls and retaining walls, interior and exterior floor decoration, grille fences and fences. Various garden building shapes and accessories. It is mainly used to replace the original wood board, PVC hanging board and other materials to prevent its defects such as aging, mildew, corrosion and flammability.

It has a wide range of uses and is environmentally friendly. The plant fiber cement board is made of natural fiber cement, made of special plant fiber, cement, natural river sand, water and a small amount of chemical additives. It does not contain asbestos, glass fiber and formaldehyde. This product has better physical and chemical properties than all similar products. It has the appearance and excellent characteristics of wooden materials, has fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and does not require maintenance in the later period, which saves the cost of later output.

Plastic wood composite flooring plant fiber material is a construction material developed and produced in the early 1980s to replace asbestos. Due to the many advantages and good quality of this material, it has spread throughout Europe, America, and Australia. Sales in the United States ranks first in the market, with more than 3 million users and a market share of over 85%.

As a new generation of composite materials, the continuous development and renewal of plastic wood composite wall panels will have a greater impact on the building materials industry.

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