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Installation and precautions of wood plastic composite fence

Wood plastic composite fence is a construction guarantee facility for civilized construction of urban municipal engineering and construction engineering, ensuring construction safety, and maintaining city appearance. The fence made of plastic wood materials is not only the demand of the general municipal construction market, but also the development trend of modern civilized society.

The wood plastic composite fence is made of polymer materials and has superior weather resistance and can withstand various harsh climates. Whether it is hot or cold or rainy, snowy or windy, the color is stable, and it is not easy to be contaminated with dust and other dirt. The surface of the fence is smooth and shiny and easy to clean. It adopts gusset plate assembly connection. It is convenient to disassemble and transport the fence, and the wood plastic composite fence is flame-retardant, not easy to start an open flame, and self-extinguishes away from the fire, which fully guarantees safety.

Installation instructions for wood plastic composite fence:
1. Before installation, it is usually the foundation of brickwork or concrete pouring that has been delivered by civil construction, and the column can be fixed by means of expansion bolts or chemical screw inspection.

2. If the lower foundation of the fence has not been formed, it is recommended to increase the length of the column lining and directly embed it; or to connect the prefabricated embedded parts with bolts. Both methods are firm, but the straight and horizontal lines must be paid attention to when presetting.

3. The spacing of the column lining must be consistent with the design size to ensure that the pre-assembled semi-finished product can be connected to it.

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