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How to clean up wood plastic composite floor stains

Long-term dust deposition on the wood plastic composite floor will make the stains very difficult to clean, so how to clean the wood plastic composite floor? First, we need to figure out the types of stains before we can decide how we should clean wood plastic composite floors. Before all cleaning, we can find some parts to test, if possible, we can fully clean.
Different stains require different decontamination methods:
Dust and dirt: Under normal circumstances, clean water is sufficient, and special places can be cleaned with soapy water.
Moldy: Normally, it can be cleaned directly, or cleaned with bleach.
Chalk stains: If you can't remove them directly, you can use bleach or hot soapy water for everything except the white ones.
Ice and snow stains: Use hot soapy water or calcium chloride to clean stains, soil, and dirt: Use a detergent containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to wipe for about 15 minutes to clean the stains.
Oily stains: Once stains appear, you can use detergent or hot soapy water to clean
Juice and wine stains: mix white stain with hot soapy water and wipe
Ink stains: Dilute and mix white stain and hot soapy water to wipe.

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