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  • WPC Decking for Pontoons
  • WPC Decking for Pontoons
  • WPC Decking for Pontoons

In 2017 year, Qatar customer Mr. Shiraj send inquiry to our website, he looking for wood plastic composite decking supplier for pontoons in Doha.

Mr. Shiraj is a highly motivated technical engineer with ten years of extensive expertise in project management service, consultancy, contracting practices both in pre and post contract cost management of major construction in Qatar and Sri Lanka.

Mr. Shiraj want to looking for supplier in local market, but we are not have supplier in Local. In general, some countries do not have supplier, we will ask what quantity the project needs, If the quantity is large, customer buy from us directly. It’s cheapest than local market. Then Mr. Shiraj tell us about the decking request and check the quality. They are need decking 2 m wide,140 mm width and thickness 25 mm to cover a passerelle of 125 m long. Total quantity is 250 sq.m. we introduced our 2 model of 140x25 mm hollow decking to Mr. Shiraj. Mr. Shiraj want to check the sample first. We prepare some decking sample to Mr. Shiraj for choose.

When Mr. Shiraj received it and said wait to client approval and contact with us asap.

Mr. Shiraj need testing reports, gurantee, durability, specifications and their client requesting walk way section pictures. We are send test report, gurantee letter and some project pictures to Mr’s Shiraj. A few days later, Mr. Shiraj said he got the approval from their client. Finial, Mr. Shiraj need the quantity is 300 sq.m. he said request more for his future maintenance and fixing wastage.

About 14 days, the all cargo have finished produce and package. And send pictures to Mr. Shiraj check the decking.

Soon, Mr. Shiraj said they have custom clearance and will receive cargo. After the installation is complete, Mr. Shiraj sent project pictures to us, saying his client is satisfied with our products.