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  • Synthetic Teak Decking For Dive Plateform
  • Synthetic Teak Decking For Dive Plateform
  • Synthetic Teak Decking For Dive Plateform

In 2018 year, Philippines customer Mr. Pierlo chat with us on line and looking for synthetic teak decking.

Mr. Pierlo is a diving Instructor, he trained in the management of a cruise ship both technically and materially. This experience let Mr Pierlo to develop this diving cruise project in the Philippines. This time, Mr. Pierlo’s boatyard need doing some renovation, so purchase boat decking for boat decoration.

Mr. Pierlo tell us the project is very urgent. And confirm our material is plastic synthetic teak and kind of foam rubber mat like EVA foam decking. He said the EVA foam decking is very light and low quality. Then we introduced our decking details to Mr. Pierlo. Our boat decking standard size is 190x25mm, 25m length, per roll can cover 4.75 sq.m. the weight is about 31 kgs, this 4 different colors is our hot selling in market: teak with black strips color; teak with white strips color; pure teak color ; gray with black strips color.

Synthetic teak decking looks and feels like real teak and the color will not fade or turn grey like real teak. The decking is easy to clean and it also has an anti-slip quality which will make deck safer for the people aboard your boat. And it is easy to install, can Do-It-Yourself for boat decking.

Mr. Pierlo have made a better computation of the boat surface, need 160 sq.m teak with black strips color; 50 sq.m teak with white strips color; 20 sq.m pure teak color.

About 5 days, we have finish produce and pakcage. And send package pictures to Mr. Pierlo.

Final, Mr. Pierlo finish custom clearance and received the cargo. Half year later,

Mr. Pierlo have finished the installation and siad the decking very good. He also send project pictures to us.

They will doing some renovation this year, and will late us know what we need. Then he have a second boat project for the close futur.