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The specific application of plastic wood composite material in outdoor landscape

Plastic wood composite materials have the advantages of good durability, safety and reliability, ecological environment protection, convenient construction and low engineering cost. Its good appearance and decorative properties can naturally replace the anticorrosive wood used in the garden. Waterproof and anti-corrosion performance can make up for the lack of anti-corrosion wood, and is more suitable for use in coastal areas and garden facilities. At the same time, wood plastic composite materials can recycle waste wood fibers and plastics, which has a positive effect on protecting forest resources and protecting the natural ecological environment. This is of practical significance for creating a better living environment and building a conservation-oriented society.
Plastic wood composite materials will be more and more widely used in the construction of gardens and landscapes, and they can build plastic wood composite plank roads, plastic wood composite floors, plastic wood composite houses, plastic wood composite railings, plastic wood composite chairs, flower boxes, etc.
1. Wood plastic composite flooring
The wooden floor has a simple structure and natural texture, but it is prone to deformation, discoloration and cracking, and it is also cumbersome to maintain. On the contrary, the application forms of plastic wood composite flooring are more diverse, the materials are relatively stable, and they have good wear resistance and rot resistance, and have high durability.
2. Plastic wood composite railing
There are many forms of plastic wood composite railings, which can be divided into safety fences and landscape fences. Safety barriers must have high impact strength and are usually used in places with high safety requirements, such as railings for roads, seashores and buildings. The landscape fence has no special requirements for the safety of the railing. Usually, they only play a role in the beautification and decoration of flower beds, nurseries and other places.Plastic wood compositeen guardrail is mainly composed of base, column, beam, handrail, partition and top cover.
3. WPC landscape architecture
①WPC house: WPC composite materials can be used in mobile houses. For example, plastic wood composite pavilions, plastic wood composite pavilions, plastic wood composite flower boxes, plastic wood composite planks, etc. The WPC cabin is easy to install and is usually completed.
②WPC building exterior wall decoration: WPC materials can also be used for building exterior wall decoration, window shading, etc., with a strong sense of wood decoration. It can not only decorate buildings, but also play a role in shading. At the same time, the plastic wood composite material has a low heat transfer coefficient, which plays a certain role in heat preservation.
③Plastic wood composite pavilions: Plastic wood composite materials can replace wood materials for building landscape pavilions, and are widely used in urban parks and community landscapes.Plastic wood composite pavilions have higher requirements on the performance, structural design, installation and construction of plastic wood composite materials.
④WPC landscape facilities and sketches: In addition to applications such as floors, guardrails, landscape architecture and pavilions, many WPC materials are also directly used as WPC products, such as stools, trash cans, identification signs, and flower boxes. These WPC products do not require installation or simple to install, easy to use, convenient and durable.

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