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What is PVC wood plastic?

What is PVC wood plastic

Do you know PVC wood plastic? What is the characteristics of PVC wood plastic? What is the main component? Let's learn PVC wood plastic together!

What is PVC ?PVC wood particles wood particles performance

1 scientific definition
PVC wood particles are made of various materials WPC profiles .

2 Materials Description

PVC WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites, WPC) is booming at home and abroad in recent years, a new class of composite materials, refers to the use of polyvinyl chloride , and wood flour, rice husk , bamboo powder plant fiber mixed into new wood materials , compounding and pelletizing prepared composite grains . And then the plastic processing extrusion, molding, injection molding process to produce plates or profiles.

3 material use
Mainly used in building materials, furniture , logistics and packaging industries. Plastic and wood powder by mixing after hot extruded sheet , called WPC sheet extrusion .

4 History
Because of PVC plastic products in environmental protection to meet specific performance requirements and processes shaping the scope of getting high , PVC products, PVC and wood earliest direct and mixed with additives , the direct use of powder mixed by hot extrusion and molding process basically been eliminated . Instead, the first mixture is thoroughly mixed , and then by a twin-screw granulator , which is the production of a PVC wood particles , then by plastic processing extrusion, molding, injection molding process to produce the sheet or profiles. This profile was prepared by the particles ,Process stability, performance is greatly improved. Especially green PVC plastic products , basically used to produce PVC particles . PVC plastic products containing lead , there is the use of mixed powder.

5 Material Properties
Products with PVC wood pellets prepared with the following characteristics: WPC basis of PVC and wood fiber , determine certain characteristics of its own with a plastic and wood .

1 ) good processing performance wood-plastic composites containing plastics and fibers, therefore, has the same processing performance similar to wood , sawing, nailing, planing, using woodworking equipment to complete, and is significantly better than the nail holding power other synthetic materials . Mechanical properties superior to wood materials . Nail holding power is generally 3 times the timber , particleboard five times .

2 ) good strength properties WPC containing plastic , which has good elastic modulus. In addition, due to the inclusion of fiber and sufficiently mixed with plastic , which has hardwood considerable compressive , flexural and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is better than ordinary wood . High surface hardness , typically 2--5 times the timber .

3 ) has a water-resistant, corrosion resistance , long life materials and wood products, compared to wood , resistant to strong acid , water-resistant, corrosion-resistant , and does not breed bacteria, can not easily be moth-eaten , not long fungi. Long life, up to 50 years .

4 ) Excellent performance with adjustable additives, plastics can be polymerized , foam , curing, modification and other changes, thus changing the material of wood density, strength and other characteristics, can also achieve anti-aging, anti-static , flame retardant , etc. special requirements.

5 ) having an ultraviolet light stability , good colorability .

6 ) Its biggest advantage is turning waste into treasure , and 100% recycled reproduction. You can break down , will not cause the "white pollution" , is the real green products.

7 ) source of materials widely produced plastic materials WPC mainly high -density polyethylene or polypropylene , wood fiber can be wood flour, bran or wood fiber , also need a small amount of additives and other processing aids.

8 ) as needed , into an arbitrary shape and size .

Ecological wood equipment PVC production process

Preparation before start

1.extrusion profiles pellets pre-dried, and further dried if necessary.

2.Check all parts and waterways, air system is in normal, safe and reliable state-run needs.

Sliding parts have adequate lubricating oil, lubricating moving parts to be added periodically throughout the extrusion, setting the system to the initial pair, to be extruded product to normal after locking position.

3、The head, body, screw preheated to process the required temperature, while the opening of the bottom hopper cold

It sets, through the cold, after the head reaches a certain temperature to be extruded, and then the body is heated

4、Before starting the machine requires constant for some time, since the extruder temperature meter indicates the temperature ratio

Bored actual temperature in advance, if not constant enough time, will result in material preheating is insufficient, stream viscosity is too high, the screw axis overload, damage equipment and even harm the personal safety

5、When each member reaches a predetermined temperature, machine nose section connecting bolts should be tightened while hot, check the connection

Then the situation to ensure that leakage of material

6、 check the hopper and the remaining material does not occur during operation, without the presence of foreign objects, especially metal and other hard debris,

To avoid damaging the extrusion screw or hopper

7、Before driving to put the clean filter, check whether the head of product variety, size requirements,

Head of the components are clean

8、Cleanup spot, kept clean and the host console of auxiliary equipment, materials, products,

Paraphernalia ordered

9、All parts of the machine reaches a predetermined temperature and after the test is consistent with stable 0.5-1h thermometer began feeding


10、Start each operation device, check whether the normal operation of the heating section of the fuselage flange head


Temperature / ℃ 115-125 135-145 155-165 175-185 160-170 165-175


1.Extruder screw speed from low and gradually increase, reaching 15-20 normal turn, while the material conditions and circumstances observe plastics materials die each site, depending on the situation to adjust the ministries extrusion temperature until normal production.

2.under normal circumstances extrusion, extrusion start the vacuum system exhaust section.

3.the extruded material introduced into the stereotypes die, sink and traction device, adjust the calibrator so that the head concentric with the line, adjust the height of the traction block center, and with appropriate pressure compaction profiles, adjust traction speed to make products in line with the requirements of the wall thickness.

4.Open the cold water, and then open the vacuum pump, lock box stereotypes, stereotypes put the article attached to the wall thickness was observed profiles, size is qualified, products with or without bending, warping, and analysis of the abnormal situation according to the actual situation of the reasons, adjusted, after normal production well marked distinction between the test machine and finished products in the product.


1.The production of a certain period or for any reason stop, stop feeding first, then the production of the material is discharged.

2.Unforeseen circumstances require a momentary stop, to cut off the power supply, can be reheated after troubleshooting, and gradually replace the residence discharged material, and then into production status, short-term can not be repaired in time to exclude stranded artificial materials, and remove the nose clean, large multi-Taiwan machine manufacturers who have the best backup generators in order to start the backup power supply nesting cleanup.

3.Normal stop, head to the removed using a special tool to clean the interior volume of copper material, scale can only spend within the handpiece light sandpaper polished, if not a long time, even after a clean screw, barrel and nose contact with the material parts with anti-rust oil, the screw is placed vertically hanging.

4.First, stereotypes die memory of water is appropriate air blow and vacuum holes of the vacuum chamber to clean up after feeding crumbs, dry, oiled.

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